The Essential Guide to Armchairs

Posted by Chris Lu on

There's nothing like relaxing in your favorite armchair. Nothing finishes a living room like a gorgeous armchair or two. You have to choose carefully because it should compliment the sofa and not compete with it. Here are some design tips to select the perfect armchair.


Obviously, this depends on the size of your lounge. If you can only have one, you can select a more prominent design as a statement piece. If using two armchairs, go for a more subdued style. you can use four if you have a huge space to fill.


Functionality is your guide for the the best layout. Seating should be laid out for conversation. No one should be yelling when talking. If using one armchair, place the armchair facing opposite the sofa or beside it perpendicular. If using two armchairs, position them beside each other opposite the sofa or one on each side beside the sofa.


This rules apply to the size and style of armchairs. If you have a plain sofa, go for more statement pieces. Simple armchairs work great with fancy statement sofas.


Diversity is key here for a visually layered look. If you have a fabric sofa, consider leather armchairs and vice versa. If you want the same materials whether fabric or leather, make sure they are completely different in texture or colour. Avoid similar colours.