Five Habits Toward a Clutter Free Home

Posted by Chris Lu on

Start off the new year with mindful habits to a more stress free life. Your home is a reflection of you so get into the habit with these easy to follow tips and you will notice the difference, guaranteed.

1) wash your dishes after using them

Washing your dishes or putting them in the dishwasher immediately after use will eliminate any stress later. Best yet, it keeps your kitchen clean and clutter free.

2) read the mail

Reading the mail is not usually an exciting activity. It's mostly bills and flyers. However, if you ignore it, it will pile up sky high by the end of the month. Simply take a few minutes to read the mail each day and you can save some late penalty charges.

3) clear off the bench tops before going to bed

Visual clutter in your kitchen and bathrooms will add stress no matter how much you choose to ignore it. Take a few minutes to put things away after use and you will wake up to a neat house.

4) take out what you bring in

Space is precious so keep your shopping in check. Unless you have a mansion, be mindful of what you buy for your home. If you want to add a decorative item or furniture to your home, ask yourself what you can get rid of.

5) keep clutter at bay

The change of seasons is a perfect time to do a bit of cleaning or to de-clutter. You will be amazed how you feel when cleaning tasks that you have been postponing are finally realised. It's like a huge weight is taken off your shoulders.