Decorate the Halls Like a Designer

Posted by Chris Lu on

Decorating for Christmas can be stressful. To avoid this, simplicity is best and less is definitely more! Here are some helpful tips to follow when decorating for the season.


If you are living in a compact space, make sure to look for a tree that has the narrowest diameter at the base and the tallest height. This way you achieve three things:  

A) Maximising your decorating area

B) Occupying the smallest footprint 

C) Creating drama by having a Rockefeller style tree in your home.

It is amazing how realistic the artificial trees look these days.



It's all about efficiency. Here is one of the fastest and least frustrating ways to hang Christmas lights on the tree. Start at the base stringing them vertically towards the top. Once at the top, start going down again. Keep doing this in a zig zag pattern until you reach the starting point again. Of course, be a little more generous on the bottom because the surface area is much bigger. The benefit of doing this way will be obvious when you take down the tree and see how easy it will be instead of going round and round.


Christmas should be filled with fond memories. Collecting Christmas ornaments from every place you have traveled brings back fond memories when you put them up on the tree every year. It just makes this time of year have more meaning and brings about positive thoughts. What is your tradition?


This is not a hard set rule because Christmas should be fun, but for a designer look use up to three colours throughout your decorating. Orange, silver and red work well together. Other great colour schemes are silver/green, purple/silver/blue, green/red/silver and red/gold. One great way to decorate is to fill clear vases with Christmas balls. Stick to using just one colour per vase for maximum effect. Try grouping different styles or sizes of vases together with one colour of balls in each for maximum effect. Try using different materials like pine cones or scotch mints for the vases.


Nothing finishes off the Christmas feeling like having a wonderful Christmas scent. Woody scents of pine tree, cinnamon and fire log are just heavenly.

The most important thing is to enjoy the holiday season. Avoid the stress and keep things simple so you can focus on the important things - the people you care about.